Our Approach: Detect and Treat Early

The discovery of a novel protein structure, alpha-sheet, is the foundation of AltPep’s innovative products.

Proteins are an essential part of all living organisms. They are composed of amino acids connected into long chains called peptides. These chains fold into 3-dimensional structures to perform their normal biological functions. However, sometimes they unfold, misfold, and accumulate into harmful deposits believed to be linked to neurodegenerative and systemic disorders called amyloid diseases.

The Daggett Research Group approached this problem in a novel way. By developing and employing innovative computer modeling techniques, it discovered a new protein structure (α-sheet) linked to toxic soluble oligomers (misfolded aggregates) and believed to be the underlying cause of over 50 human amyloid diseases, including Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and type 2 diabetes. The discovery of this structure and its link to toxicity became the basis for AltPep’s proprietary technology.

The AltPep platform is based on a collection of de novo synthetic peptides designed to target and neutralize the harmful effects of toxic soluble oligomers. This growing library is an arsenal that endeavors to specifically target the potential root cause of amyloid diseases at the molecular level. The library also serves as the basis for the company pipeline programs.

SOBA™ Diagnostics

to identify and track disease

SOBIN™ Therapeutics

to inhibit the disease