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Revolutionary: The Quest to Detect and Cure Alzheimer’s

April 1, 2024

Early Detection, and Treatment, for Alzheimer's: Valerie Daggett on the Long Run

March 6, 2024

Would you like to hear more about how AltPep is recasting the amyloid hypothesis in Alzheimer’s disease? By focusing on the toxic oligomers present earlier in the process, AltPep aims to detect and treat AD before symptoms develop. Find out more about the vision and work of this exciting company from Valerie Daggett, founder and CEO by listening to The LongRun biotech podcast with Luke Timmerman.

Thank you Luke Timmerman for your time and interest in sharing AltPep’s groundbreaking story.

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From Discover to Design: Toward Early Detection and Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

October 13, 2022

Innovation Journeys: Stories of Invention & Discovery at UW: AltPep

October 13, 2021

Join UW Vice Provost for Innovation & CoMotion Director François Baneyx as he speaks with Dr. Valerie Daggett, Founder & CEO of UW spinoff AltPep ( and professor of bioengineering at the University of Washington, about her commercialization journey and how CoMotion supported it through funding, resources, programs and more.